Steps to Managing Debt

The truth is, whether it's a mortgage on the family home, a loan for the new car or the school fees, most of us are likely to be in debt at some point during our life.
The trick is to make sure we use debt sensibly, as part of a financial strategy.
The basic approach to managing debt can be broken down into the six steps illustrated below.

  1. Clarify which debts are good debts and bad debts.
  2. Determine your current financial position.
  3. Consider the terms of any loans - which are the most important, expensive and flexible.
  4. Manage your debt - take steps to reduce your debt.
  5. Minimise financial risk - protect yourself against the unexpected.
  6. Review your situation - If it's still too much, get some professional advice. Talk to us at Brisbane Financial Services.

By following these steps you could soon be on the road to improving your financial position.
If you need help controlling your debt there are organisations that can help you.
Please remember, the suggestions made are not based on your personal financial situation, objectives or needs. You should consider how appropriate they might be to yours before acting on them.

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