1. Looking for a better deal
Sometimes your needs change and, as they do, you need to reassess your loan to make sure that it is still the best deal that suits you. At Brisbane Financial Services we are available to meet with you to discuss and compare your existing loan with the current products and promotions on offer now.

Another reason people look at refinancing is to consolidate debts to reduce monthly outgoings or to use the equity in the home for any whortwhile purpose such as renovations or investing. Depending on your goals we can look into the right options to help you achieve your goal.

2. Need to payout debts
As time passes you might not notice how some of your debts may slowing creep up and the next thing you may know that your total payments for each debt is more than you can handle comfortably and may start to detract from your lifestyle. When you notice this or are heading this way it may be a good idea to reassess your position and consolidate some of those debts before they can get our of hand.

A good way to see if this is going to beneficial is to add up what you are currently paying on each debt currently then compare to what your new payments would be after consolidating those debts. If after consolidating your payments are cheaper then this may be an option for you.

3. Want to renovate
General wear and tear over time can make your house feel run down. Even as you outgrow your property sometimes it may be a better option to renovate and stay put rather than selling and upgrading your property. It can be beneficial to consider renovating a property sometimes to help improve capital growth. Renovating can also help if you are considering to sell your property as this can increase marketability. It is always a good idea to get direction from a real estate agent who can give you tips on what renovations could help you sell your property.

4. Types of loans

- Honeymoon
- Basic
- Professional Packages
- Low Doc
- Line Of Credit

- Low Doc
- Honeymoon
- Professional Packages

Special Products
- Medico Loans
- Family Equity
- Shared Equity
- Non Conforming
- Reverse Mortgage
- GoBetween / Relocation / Bridging Loans

5. Want to move
People consider moving for many reasons, whether it be for work, family, friends or just simply for a property that may suit your needs better. When considering moving you have to weight up many things including the order that you sell & buy.

6. Gobetween / Relocation / Bridging loans
Details coming soon

To ask questions and to find out more call 07 3850 5000.

Why You Need to Work With a Mortgage Broker
When it comes to saving time and maximising results, nothing is better than hiring a Brisbane mortgage broker. An experienced broker can present you with all of your home loans options, simplifying the process and making life easier. The risk of overextending yourself financially is greatly reduced when you have an experienced professional on your side. From start to finish, they can get you through the home buying process with ease.

Key Benefits of Dealing with BFS
At BFS, we know that you have plenty of options when it comes to hiring a mortgage consultant. That's why we strive to bring many great benefits to the table. Consider these great points:
- Paying off old debts is a lot easier to do when you free up some money by refinancing your home.
- Relocating is a breeze when you get the very best financing possible for your new home. With our team of highly professional brokers, you can maximise the likelihood of receiving an incredible financing deal.
- Renovating your home is often better, and more affordable, than relocating - especially when you've got the bargaining power of a team of skilled brokers on your side. BFS can help you refinance so that you can realise all of your home renovation dreams in no time.
- Refinancing your home loan can seem like a daunting task; when you've got the impeccable assistance of BFS on your side, though, it seems a whole lot easi
Enjoying the best of both worlds in terms of affordability and options is easier than ever when you work with Brisbane Financial Services. Every day, we help put people into the homes of their dreams. See for yourself by giving us a call today!

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