Business awards

AMA Finalist 2008 - As a team we were ranked in the top three mortgage brokering companies with 6 - 12 staff in Australia based on our achievements and client feedback. As you can imagine there was some very tough competition. With our dynamic team this is a true testament to the results that we can help you achieve in this ever changing environment.

PLAN Business Awards - Once again our team in consecutive years has achieved this award.

Individual awards

MPA Top 100 Broker - This award is given only to the top 100 brokers in Australia each year. In Australia there are over 10,000 mortgage brokers. This simply goes to prove our experience on results not just on time in the finance industry. Experience and length of time in the finance industry means nothing unless you are writing and approving the volume of loans that it takes to win this award.

PLAN Sales Master/Platinum - This is award is won based on a brokers individual ability to help and complete successfully as many approvals throughout the year.

Our team has won over 20 individual awards over the last five years.

About Us

Welcome to Brisbane Financial Services. We are a team of Brisbane mortgage brokers and financial planners working to help our clients achieve their financial solutions. We offer a variety of face-to-face services and a choice of over 50 Australian based financial services providers, all household names in Brisbane's home loans and financial services market today.

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Phone: 07 3850 5000
Fax: 07 3251 0632

Address: Level 45, 111 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000.

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